Select Contracts has been involved in the surf park industry since the first commercial park was opened in 2012 (Wadi Adventure in Al Ain, UAE).  There are now more than 80 surf parks under development around the world and Select Contracts continues to be global leaders in their design, build and operation.


To design, build and operate leisure, adventure and recreation experiences that inspire, attract and engage participants while creating growth and long-term value for our clients and partners.


To be the World’s leading design, development and operating company for active entertainment experiences.


For the past 45 years, Select Contracts has been a leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide. Select Contracts has worked with hundreds of clients on projects throughout the active entertainment industry – from the deserts of the Middle East to the Oceans of Australasia. Direct experience in the management operation of BSR Surf Resort & Cable Park and Wadi Adventure Surf Park in the UAE set Select Contracts apart from competitors.
Select Contracts is a vertically integrated consultancy offering services from conceptual design through construction drawings to ongoing operations. In the surf park market, which is just entering a growth stage, this makes us invaluable to project founders and investors wanting to avoid the pitfalls that have and continue to impact many of the early surf park projects. Our market analysis has the credibility of actual operational knowledge behind it, allowing the project founders to more easily access capital and better plan for realistic results.
For any industry in its infancy stage, Select Contracts believes that success will come to those who understand the true product that the business is providing (recreation/ entertainment) and the bigger picture of how this product fits into the future marketplace. We believe our long history in the adventure/ leisure industry gives us unique value to surf park founders. We are excited to continue our involvement in many of the leading projects around the world.


 We have over 45 years of being a market leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide.


Select Contracts offer a complete Surf Park consultancy service – right from concept design to operation. We are the only professional operations management firm with direct experience operating world-class surf parks. This experience and our expertise positions us as industry leaders in designing, building and operating diverse, experience focussed and profitable surf parks.


Select Contracts is in a unique position to be able to offer financial advisory for any clients still needing to raise capital for their project. With over 45 years of experience assisting clients with their fundraise, Select Contracts starts by ensuring that the projects business plan is investor and market ready and once done, can guide clients through the steps of raising capital and can be present in investor meetings to bring those 45 years of knowledge to the meetings to provide the comfort that investors are looking for.

From a debt perspective, Select Contracts works with a debt advisory firm who have funded debt requirements in projects in the action sports/surf space with Select Contracts in the past.

We look forward to making your dream a reality!


Surf park technology has taken 10 years to mature, but is now ready for widespread commercial development with strong business cases for surf parks becoming huge economic and community drivers in every city they are located next to – think of them as mini, non weather dependent, ski resorts that you can have right next to your city to drive tourism, resident recreation and job creation.




BSR Surf Resort is a surf oasis in the heart of Texas,USA.  It features a 3.3-acre surf pool, Cable wake park, Slides & Lazy River, Hotel & Private Cabins and a Restaurant & Beach Grill.

From October 2019 until mid 2020, Select Contracts operated the BSR Surf Resort & Cable Park. While the park has been renowned in Texas and known globally in the surfing world, initial investigations confirmed that the park would greatly benefit from a complete operations restructuring. Our operations management plan and carefully executed operational processes and procedures have set BSR up to become even more successful than in the past.



Al Ain Adventure park is a surf and adventure park in UAE. featuring a 2.5-acre travelling wave surf pool (first in the world),  Man-made whitewater rafting and kayaking, Cable wake park, Ziplines and climbing course, family swimming pools and other attractions

Select Contracts were hired for pre-opening development including setting up all operations and processes for the business.  We redesigned and optimized the park to make it more family friendly in order to provide a sustainably profitably business model.  We also Implemented a full operational system including SOPs focused on safety and quality guest experiences, company manuals and implementation of insurance documentation and recruited and implemented key staff and management roles

Once contracted, it was obvious that the project required additional attractions and services to offer guests, to ensure visitors remained within the venue for longer periods and increased spend. This was key to the ongoing profitability of the operation and us making sure the business model was successful was key to the project’s success beyond the remainder of the operational structure we provided.