Select Contracts are helping ski and mountain resorts around the world with four season planning to help grow their businesses outside of the ski industry. We work on four season plans and then also help design and deliver the chosen activities/attractions to make it easy for resorts to grow.


Select Contracts has operated Porters Ski Field in New Zealand since May of 2019, bringing in expertise to align business processes for everything from the rollout of a rebrand and website redevelopment to enhancing the company culture by creating an environment that fosters strong team development.


To design, build and operate leisure, adventure and recreation experiences that inspire, attract and engage participants while creating growth and long-term value for our clients and partners.


To be the World’s leading design, development and operating company for active entertainment experiences.


For the past 45 years, Select Contracts has been a leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide. Select Contracts has worked with hundreds of clients on projects throughout the active entertainment industry.  From our first project in Whistler in the 90’s we have helped design, build and operate mountain resort projects across the globe including Canada, New Zealand, Europe and America. 

Select Contracts is a vertically integrated consultancy offering services from conceptual design through construction drawings to ongoing operations. In the mountain resort market this makes us invaluable to project founders and investors wanting to avoid the pitfalls that can affect projects. Our market analysis has the credibility of extensive operational knowledge behind it, allowing the project founders to more easily access capital and better plan for realistic results.

Select Contracts believes that success will come to those who understand the true product that the business is providing (recreation/ entertainment) and the bigger picture of how this product fits into the future marketplace. We believe our long history in the adventure/ leisure industry gives us unique value to mountain resort owners globally. We are excited to continue our involvement in many of the leading ski resort and mountain resort projects around the world.


 We have over 45 years of being a market leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide.


Select Contracts offer a complete Mountain Resort consultancy service – right from concept design to operation.  We have decades of experience planning, building and operating world class resorts throughout the world which puts us amongst the global leaders in delivering experience focussed and profitable resorts wherever the location.


Select Contracts has an excellent track record in the consultancy and development of mountain resorts around the world. Our strengths lie in being able to understand the market demographics and then prepare four season strategic plans for mountain resorts to help diversify their offering into a true four season resort. Our delivery team can then provide the design and build services required to implement the strategy on site.We are working with the biggest names in the mountain resort industry, give us a call to discuss in more detail.




Porters Mountain Resort, NZ: Porters is the closest ski area to Christchurch, NZ. It has operated as a family friendly ski field for over 25 years. As part of a long-term development plan ownership was looking to find ways to improve the profitability of its winter operations and to expand its non-winter business opportunities. SC was engaged to create a comprehensive plan to do so. Subsequently, SC has been hired to manage resort operations on a year-round basis. While the pandemic has slowed some aspects of the plan, Porters overall bottom line has improved substantially in the last 2 years since SC’s involvement.

Whistler Blackcomb


After many years of explosive growth, WB was looking for an innovative approach for continued growth as skier visits plateaued. SC was engaged to conduct market research and business planning for a variety of options. 

As a result, a comprehensive, $345M multi-faceted program called The Renaissance was established and announced in 2016. A key element of the plan was the Watershed, a 145,000ft2 indoor adventure centre designed by SC to provide four-season, weather-proof opportunities for active play as well as a variety of skiing related amenities. Full implementation of the plan has been postponed due to a variety of factors.



Located on the edge of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks JHMR sensed that there was greater opportunity for the organization to capitalize on the massive summer visitation to the area. SC was engaged to provide a plan to unlock this potential. SC quickly discovered that the JHMR property was rich with opportunities to create powerful four-season experiences for both leisure and lifestyle market segments. A Four-Season Strategic Plan was developed that created thematic zones surrounding Jackson’s three main operating lifts. After adoption by senior leadership and ownership the plan is now moving into the development phase.