Select Contracts’ experience of lift, shuttle driven, pedal-accessed and indoor bike parks allows us to design, build and operate a facility anywhere in the world. Select Contracts designed and built the worlds first year round lift accessed downhill bike park and also co-owns Australia’s premiere indoor bike park.


Select Contracts’ experience of bike parks allows us to draw on the skills necessary to design, build and operate a facility anywhere in the world, in an environmentally and ecologically friendly manner whilst proving investors with very surprising returns.


To design, build and operate leisure, adventure and recreation experiences that inspire, attract and engage participants while creating growth and long-term value for our clients and partners.


To be the World’s leading design, development and operating company for active entertainment experiences.


For the past 45 years, Select Contracts has been a leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide. Select Contracts has worked with hundreds of clients on projects throughout the active entertainment industry – from the deserts of the Middle East to the Oceans of Australasia. 

Select Contracts is a vertically integrated consultancy offering services from conceptual design through construction drawings to ongoing operations. In the bike park market this makes us invaluable to project founders and investors wanting to avoid the pitfalls that can affect projects. Our market analysis has the credibility of extensive operational knowledge behind it, allowing the project founders to more easily access capital and better plan for realistic results.

Select Contracts believes that success will come to those who understand the true product that the business is providing (recreation/ entertainment) and the bigger picture of how this product fits into the future marketplace. We believe our long history in the adventure/ leisure industry gives us unique value to bike park founders. We are excited to continue our involvement in many of the leading projects around the world.


 We have over 45 years of being a market leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide.


Select Contracts offer a complete Bike Park consultancy service – right from concept design to operation.  We have decades of experience planning, building and operating world class bike parks throughout the globe which puts us amongst the global leaders in delivering experience focussed and profitable parks wherever the location.


Bike Parks are fast becoming the ‘next best thing’ for locations that have elevated land (min. 200m elevation) and the need to offer year-round active participation for its visitors.

Whether it is a ski resort looking to diversify its summer offerings, or a location looking to maximise the use of its geographical and natural surroundings, a bike park could be the perfect fit. A bike park provides all the necessary building blocks to support beginner riders to foster the growth of the mountain bike industry and provides progression for riders to keep them coming back for more.

In areas where local trail networks are already in existence, a mountain bike park has shown to be a symbiotic enhancement as opposed to a competitor. The development of lift-accessed bike parks also injects business into local bike shops, positively supporting the local economy.




Five minutes from the CBD of Christchurch, New Zealand, this nine-hundred-acre property of perfect contours and elevations make up the Christchurch Adventure Park. Four years prior to opening was our first visit to the site. Immediately after seeing the site we knew that “Yes, we can build the most amazing four-season bike park here!”

Four years of  completing extensive market research, business planning, master plans, schematic design, detailed design and fulfilling planning permissions brought us to opening day December 16th, 2016. The intensive 9-month build time from first sod-turning to completion had the park opening on-time and on-budget. The project has had substantial financial support from the local Government and immense community support.



Rampfest is a renowned indoor bike, skate & scooter park that provides the infrastructure and programming for progressive development of each discipline. Whether guests are training at an Olympic level, learning how to skate/scoot/ride, or just having fun, Rampfest has it all without compromising on quality of experience for each level of rider.

Select Contracts invested in Rampfest and is now a shareholder and development partner, helping to expand the operating model to additional sites in Australia, New Zealand and North America.

The refined operating and layout model for Rampfest is profitable and able to be replicated. With a focus on the guest experience, F&B, retail and programming, the model will scale well to other geographies.



Select Contracts was contracted in September 2020 to conduct market research, business and master planning to develop the mountain bike amenities in Arkansas in order to solidify it’s place as the “Mountain Bike Capital of the World”. Concept designs include a innovative new style of gravity MTB and adventure park with sightseeing offerings, as well as an indoor riding centre which will be the largest and most thoughtfully designed mountain bike (and other “wheeled sports”) training venue in the world once built. Select Contracts was contracted for this work in order to build the new generation of mountain bike destination, from the ground up, with forward thinking strategies that will hold strong even as the bikes and styles of riding shift over time.