We offer design, build, business and development services to handle all aspects of Attractions and Experiences globally and have some amazing projects in our portfolio and are working on some very exciting projects right now.  


Select Contracts offer consultancy services to handle all aspects of attractions and experiences globally. Immersive experiences, family attractions, sightseeing attractions, entertainment spaces, giant swings, zip lines, bungee jumps, adventure ropes, kids playgrounds, splash pads, spa experiences and eco-experiences. The company is recognised as one of the leaders in this industry with many projects in development around the world.


To design, build and operate leisure, adventure and recreation experiences that inspire, attract and engage participants while creating growth and long-term value for our clients and partners.


To be the World’s leading design, development and operating company for active entertainment experiences.


For the past 45 years, Select Contracts has been a leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide. Select Contracts has worked with hundreds of clients on projects throughout the active entertainment industry – from the deserts of the Middle East to the Oceans of Australasia. 

Select Contracts is a vertically integrated consultancy offering services from conceptual design through construction drawings to ongoing operations. In the active attractions market this makes us invaluable to project founders and investors wanting to avoid the pitfalls that can affect projects. Our market analysis has the credibility of extensive operational knowledge behind it, allowing the project founders to more easily access capital and better plan for realistic results.

Select Contracts believes that success will come to those who understand the true product that the business is providing (recreation/ entertainment) and the bigger picture of how this product fits into the future marketplace. We believe our long history in the attraction/ leisure industry gives us unique value to project founders. We are excited to continue our involvement in many of the leading attractions and experiences around the world.


 We have over 45 years of being a market leader in designing, developing and operating leisure, adventure and recreation facilities worldwide.


Select Contracts offer a complete attractions consultancy service – right from concept design to operation.  We have decades of experience planning, building and operating world class adventure attractions throughout the globe which puts us amongst the global leaders in delivering experience focussed and profitable parks wherever the location.


Attractions & Experiences that are created outside of the box. Make them as interactive and immersive as possible with as much educational aspects as possible in their creation. Target markets need to be wide open and attractions and experiences need to be designed to attract the entire age range to enjoy.

The company has worked on a massive array of attractions and experiences over the years such as an interactive world war 1 aircraft exhibit in New Zealand; an immersive experience for the 12 Apostles in Australia, a hot pools and splash pad experience in New Zealand, a circus arts themed entertainment centre in Canada, a sightseeing attraction in the USA, the largest swing in the southern hemisphere near Queenstown, a canyon walkway in Canada, an adventure playground in Wyoming, a sightseeing platform in the USA, indoor active attractions in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Japan, an attraction branded on the Amazing Race in the USA, a interactive baseball hall of fame in the DR and many many more. We think outside the box and create attractions that last the test of time.

We conceptualise, create financials, complete schematic designs, coordinate the build out and set up operations on a daily basis.




Select Contracts is developing a world-class tourism destination in Porirua, New Zealand.

The park is underpinned by a progression-built bike park with strong supporting attractions including an all-weather sightseeing gondola with panoramic views, 360º view from top station, with awe inspiring views to the North from the restaurant, the longest dual zip-line in the Southern Hemisphere at 1,410m, a deep-water standing surf wave attraction, the first in New Zealand and scenic tracks from adventurous trekking to accessible pathways.

Select Contracts commenced work in September 2016 to conduct the market research, conceptual design and business planning for the project and has obtained resource consent approval to build. It is now in the investment phase.



Al Ain Adventure park is a surf and adventure park in UAE. featuring a 2.5-acre travelling wave surf pool (first in the world),  Man-made whitewater rafting and kayaking, Cable wake park, Ziplines and climbing course, family swimming pools and other attractions

Select Contracts were hired for pre-opening development including setting up all operations and processes for the business.  We redesigned and optimized the park to make it more family friendly in order to provide a sustainably profitably business model.  We also Implemented a full operational system including SOPs focused on safety and quality guest experiences, company manuals and implementation of insurance documentation and recruited and implemented key staff and management roles

Once contracted, it was obvious that the project required additional attractions and services to offer guests, to ensure visitors remained within the venue for longer periods and increased spend. This was key to the ongoing profitability of the operation and us making sure the business model was successful was key to the project’s success beyond the remainder of the operational structure we provided.